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XKHosting LLC a startup tech company based out in Prishtina, We have lunched a new platform for international users to buy cloud computing power. This website or better say platform was devloped by VKG team as it's main role is provided services full automated by the system and produce some money on the side to the oweners. The way it works is really simple, we do buy a piece of super computers somewhere in the cloud and using Virtualization technology which we acquired during our studies at Cacttus Education, We are able to sell to clients piece of piece which we bought.

  • Individual Hosting Solution
  • Small and medium businesses IT solutions.
  • Cloud management solutions.
  • On premises, management IT solutions.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • E-commerce.
  • Websites Development.
  • Digital Media Design.

Our vision as a company is to create an unique platform, a place where people can develop professionally without the need of leaving the country for better conditions, and to have a coverage on all possible IT services.

We are planning on growing by using different techniques of re-investing the money we profit, to reach an exponential growth on the main aspect, and on different areas nonetheless.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach a reasonable amount of 50 clients in the first year, create a stable cloud infrastructure, keep our services up to date and be reliable and trustworthy to our clients. .


Our Datacenter

All data centers are minimum Tier III and guarantee 100 percent uptime and are able to scale and grow to accommodate future data infrastructure requirements. Our facilities are highly energy-efficient and engineered for superior reliability, security and performance.

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